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Looking For Significance?

What is the point of it all?  Isn't there just the daily grind and intermittent disappointment? There is more to life than paycheck to paycheck living, you have always known this but are trapped in the daily struggle to not only exist, but thrive. Imagine losing it all, but by doing so you significantly changed humanities road-map forever, that is what Jesus Christ did for us.  You don't have to watch others change humanity; you were born to do this too.

First United Methodist Church is not about preaching what you already know, or converting you to one way of thinking, it’s about getting in the trenches with our sleeves rolled up and getting to work, and being significant in people’s lives. It's not just something to do, it is something to believe in. We want to know you, come by and say hi, we'll buy lunch!  A better life awaits.

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Building A Better Community

Olive Street Center

Expanding Understanding

        We are expanding community related activities using the hall and classrooms around the quad out back. Some of those activities are listed below.  For questions, please call: 760.352.2942, 9 a.m.-noon on Mondays-Thursdays.

  • Pflag: A group for LGBTQ individuals, their families and those who care about them.

  • Autism Support: This group provides emotional support to families of children with autism, with speakers and other educational material.

  • English as a Second Language Conversations: Through conversations in English we talk about anything to help others improve their English.

  • Scouting: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts Hold Meetings here.

  • Free music classes teach people how to play guitar and keyboard as well as singing lessons.

  • Aria Hospice's Grief Group.

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Workshops & Services

Feeding the homeless,Prayers & Squares,Autism Support, grief support

First United Methodist Church mission is to lead by example in Jesus Christ's name and transform of the world.  We have many ways in which we are striving to do just that. You are welcome to join us in our walk through one of more of the different ways we offer you. Take a look at our upcoming events for what looks interesting to you.


Please Donate Now

We offer candlelight services and prayer dinners. There isn't anything like learning as Jesus's disciples learned, as our ancestors learned for the last millennia. We get back to basics by learning the gospel and dining by beautiful candlelight. Give us an hour, change your life.  Come join us.

Rev. Dr. Ron Griffen

Rev. Dr. Ron Griffen

Fellow Traveler, It's Great to Meet you

We are one family from many locations that is passionate about family, friendships, and finding our calling. This is a family, and a place to call home. It's a place to get help, healing and hope. Whether you're in El Centro, Imperial County, or the Mexicali Valley, an atheist or lifetime follower of Christ, you are welcome here.

We are here to provide a place where the depressed, the hurting, and hopeless can come and find help. To be a place of family, community, and hope. 



For all inquiries, or if you would like to get to know us, please call Cristy Alvarez at +760 352 2942 or use the form at right.

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