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Looking For Significance?

What is the point of it all?  Isn't there just the daily grind and intermittent disappointment? There is more to life than paycheck to paycheck living, you have always known this but are trapped in the daily struggle to not only exist, but thrive. Imagine losing it all, but by doing so you significantly changed humanities road-map forever, that is what Jesus Christ did for us.  You don't have to watch others change humanity; you were born to do this too.

First United Methodist Church is not about preaching what you already know, or converting you to one way of thinking, it’s about getting in the trenches with our sleeves rolled up and getting to work, and being significant in people’s lives. It's not just something to do, it is something to believe in. We want to know you, come by and say hi, we'll buy lunch!  A better life awaits.

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