Enote from Pastor Ron 6/10/19


an enote from pastor ron

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

 Hello from Scotland! Specifically from St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf. I’m here with two good friends, David Tyler and Bill Plourd, playing in the 65th annual St. Andrews Rotary Club golf tournament. Bill and I are past Presidents of the El Centro Rotary Club, and David, despite being a Kiwanian (his dad is a Rotarian) are truly enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.




If you were in church on Sunday you witnessed the wonderful inclusionary witness of our church where five extraordinary women led worship. My heartfelt thanks goes to them. Rev. Carolyn Price, Shirley Bonillas, Dr.

Hope Davis, Joan Tyler, and Rev. Mercy Gonzales-Barnes continue to remind us all that God calls each of us to leadership in various ways, and that we are all loved equally by God.

 Summer is here! Beginning in July I will be teaching/preaching on Christianity for Grown-ups Part 2. We will,focus on the practical nature of our loved faith, which is embodied in our daily practices of faithful living. You  might call them “Practical Practices.”

 This coming Sunday is a celebration of Father’s Day, which along with Mother’s Day provides us insight into the full nature of our God, Parent of us all. See you then!

 In Christ’s Love,



On the Calendar

Please keep in mind that we have instituted a new policy for putting events on the calendar. The Master Calendar will be kept by Cristy, and three months of events will always be on display in the church office.

There are forms you can fill out to put an event on the calendar in the church office as well.

 If there is a conflict on calendar dates we will honor the event that has been posted through the proper procedure.

Events beyond the three month window that is posted can also be set once a request form is submitted.

 All of our traditional dates (Women’s Luncheon, Rummage Sales, etc.) will automatically be placed on the calendar.


This Coming Week

A Celebration of Life for Barbara Macci will be held on Monday, June 17th, at 2:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary. A reception will follow in the Olive Street Center.


Shared Prayers:

For Mary Ann Kline’s successful hip surgery, and for a speedy recovery. For Barbara Macci.

For Caroline Stinson. For Pastor Ron. For Bertha Morris. For Pat Sandbom. For Susan Newland.

 For Holly Caseman and her family as she is hospitalized with congestive heart failure.

 For students preparing for end of year exams. For those affected by the destructive  weather.

For those in need: The poor and the hungry. Victims of violence. Migrants seeking asylum. For all those feeing hopeless or lonely. For women who are oppressed.

 For First Responders, and for soldiers and sailors throughout the world; for Teachers, and students; for Public Servants.

 For our church family. For our church. We praise your name, O Lord.