Enote from Pastor Ron 3/18/19


Dear Friends,

One of the observations I have made about worship attendance is that we have a core of people who worship pretty much every week, and that we have a group of you that worships regularly, but not every Sunday. In other words, we have an average attendance of about 50 in worship, but it’s not the same 50 from week to week.

Sara and Cynda did a study during January and February this year and Sara shared the results yesterday in worship. Sure enough, what I thought was happening was indeed happening.

In actuality 80% of our church members worship on a somewhat regular basis. 

Speaking of worship, we are going to make a change in our worship time beginning in April. Worship will begin at 9 a.m. beginning April 7th.

The reasons for this are twofold. First, it’s getting warmer and an earlier worship time lets us stay a little cooler. Secondly, the Vineyard congregation will begin using our sanctuary in April and their worship time is 11:15 so the change accommodates both congregations when it comes to parking, etc.

Another change we are making is office hours. The church office will be open from 9-noon Monday through Thursday. That allows Cristy to take a lunch break before she continues work in the afternoon. 

Speaking of Cristy, please keep her in prayer. She is having tests today that might necessitate surgery. If you are willing to pitch in should that happen, and we will know today, we will need phone coverage in the office for a short period of time.

And finally, we have been reminded once again that violence and hate are still active in the world. The attack on the mosques in Christchurch New Zealand were brutal and premeditated. Hatred and violence will never overcome hatred and violence. Love and compassion are what will overcome hatred and violence. We pray for the victims and their families, and for a nation that now mourns. 

I am reminded of a meme I saw that depicted Jesus sitting on a bench with a young man asking why Jesus would allow such violence and hate to exist in the world. Jesus’ reply was to say he was about to ask the young man the same thing.

Shared Prayers:

For Healing: For Caroline Stinson. For Pastor Ron. For Bertha Morris.

For Clyde Caseman, Diana Fansler’s uncle, who is under hospice care.

For those in need: The poor and the hungry. Victims of violence. Migrants seeking asylum.

For First Responders, for Teachers, for Public Servants. 

For our church family.

We praise your name, O Lord.

See you Sunday!

Grace and Peace, Ron


Rev. Dr. Ron P. Griffen
Lead Pastor
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"You are the light of the world. You are the salt of the earth."
--Jesus of Nazereth