Temple Mount, West Wall and the Garden Tomb

We got up a little earlier this morning in order to visit the Temple Mount. We had to go through security. The Temple Mount is a beautiful place, site of the Dome of the Rock since the 8th century, and site of the Temple during the time of Jesus.


20120214-045729.jpgThe West Wall is a part of the original wall of the 2nd Temple period and a place where pilgrims stand along side Jews to pray. Interestingly, when I got to the wall I stood there and didn't know what to say. After a moment I heard the words of the Lord's Prayer in my head and began to recite them, but not like we do each week in worship. EVERY word mattered in that moment. Each word brought more emotion to the moment. Through tears I placed the written prayers of those who asked me to do so. Prayers for the welfare of the city, nation and world. Prayers for reconciliation, understanding and peace.

20120214-045935.jpgAfter a brief stop at the Museum of Israel and the Shrine of the Book (The Dead Sea Scrolls) we made our way to the Garden Tomb. There were several groups there, and as we prepared to share communion together we were surrounded by the music of many cultures and faith traditions. One group of Pentecostals introduced speaking in tongues to those in our group who had never heard them. It was quite a time!
20120214-050112.jpgBack at our hotel, we got to bed early in anticipation of our tour of Masada, Qumran and the site where Jesus might have been baptized by John in the Jordan.Shalom, Salaam, Peace