Caesarea, Megiddo, Nazareth and Cana

Today was our first full day touring in Galilee. Caesarea, a seaport built by Herod the Great was our first stop. It was interesting to hear a perspective of Herod that was different from the Gospels. From an Israeli view, despite his brutal behavior, he accomplished much given that he was under the thumb of Imperial Rome. 20120210-181553.jpg

From there a short ride to Megiddo, the palace city of King Ahab. The ruins sit atop a Tel, which we walked to from the park office and restaurant. We learned about the technology used in that day (c. 1600 c.e.), especially how they provided water to the walled city.


Next we visited the home of Jesus when he was growing up-Nazareth. We went to the place where the men of the synagogue tried to kill him (Luke 4). It is now dedicated to peace between the three "Religions of the Book"



Cana was our last stop where we renewed our wedding vows in the spirit of John 2.


Tomorrow we tour the Sea of Galilee and Jordan River where we can renew our baptism.

Shalom for now...